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How many times a year should I visit the dentist?

For patients with relatively good oral health, a thorough evaluation and cleaning every six months here at C. Gary Simmons, DDS should be sufficient. We may recommend more frequent appointments in certain situations to better support our patients and their healthy smiles, such as when periodontal disease is present or tooth enamel seems excessively susceptible to decay.

Why is having an oral cancer screening so important?

Oral cancer might not be as widely discussed as cavities and periodontal disease, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Studies suggest that nearly half of the tens of thousands of patients diagnosed this year won’t go on to survive five more years, and 25% don’t even participate in any common risk factors like significant tobacco/alcohol use. Thankfully, there’s a silver lining – the recovery rate significantly increases when the disease is identified at an early stage. By undergoing
oral cancer screenings with our team on a routine basis, patients can stay safer and be alerted about potentially abnormal cells that need further attention right away.

My teeth look damaged/worndown and I have no idea why. What’s going on?

Do you also experience constant headaches/facial pain? These are telltale signs of bruxism (teeth grinding), which is commonly experienced during sleep when the patient is completely unaware. During your routine evaluations, Dr. Simmons will be sure to note these areas, and a customized oral appliance would be recommended to protect your smile throughout the night as you rest.

Why do you complete your dental crowns in two visits?

Dr. Simmons and the rest of our team believe in creating the strongest, most fulfilling results possible for our patients. We want your new dental crown to serve you well for many years, providing superior function, durability, and aesthetic quality that lasts. By taking detailed impressions of the affected tooth and working closely with a trusted dental laboratory to create the permanent crown over the span of two appointments, a high level of quality is assured, and we can leave you feeling fully satisfied about your precisely crafted improvement.

Will my new dental crown/filling/other restoration look unnatural?

Our team understands very well how important maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile is to our patients. We offer several high quality, metal-free brands and materials when it comes to our restorative work, including E-Max. Not only are E-Max crowns highly durable, but their appealing, translucent appearance is the ideal complement for the rest of your smile, blending in seamlessly with natural tooth enamel.

Why are dental implants the right choice for tooth replacement?

While there is no such thing as the perfect treatment option for every single patient who walks through our door, Dr.  Simmons is likely to recommend dental implants for patients who are facing tooth loss. Unlike traditional services, dental implants are designed to replicate the entire natural structure of your tooth, providing impressive health and aesthetic benefits that last. Our team will be happy to partner with a trusted surgical specialist in the Spring, TX area for your implant procedure, helping you regain your best smile through a smooth treatment experience that exceeds expectations.

Dental care makes me nervous. Can you help me feel more comfortable?

Of course! Several amenities are available for your enjoyment while our team works on improving your oral health and beauty, including headsets, cozy blankets, and nitrous oxide sedation .

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